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Volunteers Needed

East 52 Volunteer Fire Department

4626 Livingston Hwy
Celina, TN 38551

East 52 Volunteer Fire Department is seeking volunteers! Although we can always use fire and rescue recruits, not all of our volunteers fight fires and perform vehicle extrication.

In addition to fire and rescue volunteers, we are looking for assistance with the following:
* Fundraiser assistance
* Fundraiser idea generation
* Vehicle maintenance (It can be as simple as check-off's. Example: check the amount of fuel that is in the fire truck.)
* Building maintenance / Building cleaning
* Filing paperwork
* And anything else that you could expect a business needs, but we do not have paid employees.

Volunteer Category: Firefighter, Fundraising, Community Education, Department Support

All positions, including fire fighters and rescue technicians, require no experience. We will train you. We are always accepting new volunteers to help us be the best that we can be!
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