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Interior/Exterior Firefighter & Fire Police

Carmel Fire Department

94 Gleneida Ave
Carmel, NY 10512

The Volunteer Firefighter drives or rides an emergency vehicle in response to fire, rescue
and emergency medical events, hazardous materials response/mitigation and routine requests
for help or assistance. In the performance of their duties, the Volunteer Firefighter places
equipment, lays and connects hose; operates high-capacity pumps and directs water streams;
raises and climbs ladders; uses chemical extinguishers, safety belts, lines and hooks and uses
self-contained breathing apparatus. The Volunteer Firefighter may enter burning
buildings as part of a fire suppression team, perform ventilation tasks above ground, carry
heavy objects and equipment and rescue injured or trapped victims.

Volunteer Category: Firefighter

The Volunteer Firefighter is a non-compensated position. Volunteer Firefighter are not normally assigned shifts but are expected to
respond from home to District calls.
Individuals fulfilling the duties and responsibilities of a Volunteer Firefighter will at all times present themselves in a courteous, professional and responsible manner.