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Ambulance Driver

Stanford Fire Co #1

PO Box 437
Stanfordville, NY 12581

We desperately need ambulance drivers. Anyone wishing to help people in need, please consider getting qualified to drive the ambulance and taking some ambulance duty time to assist the EMTs doing their miracle work of assisting the sick and injured to the hospital. It is a highly rewarding way to volunteer your time and help out your neighbors.

We need to continue the high level service that we have been providing to our residents and neighbors.

Volunteer Category: EMT, Department Support, Other

Age 21 or older, valid Drivers License. CPR / AED certifications. Attend a Emergency Vehicle Operators training course within 12 months upon being accepted as a member. Training & gear is provided free of charge. Need to pass a physical and be willing to train, pass certifications courses, become State Certified, keep up with department training, meetings, events, and call volume.