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Volunteer Firefighter/First Responder

Eagles Nest Fire Dept

1582 Bear Head State Park Rd
Ely, MN 55731

1. Perform following duties as outlined n NFPA 1001 and Operations level of NFPA 472.
2. Lays out and connects hose.
3. Holds nozzle and directs water stream.
4. Raises and climbs ladders.
5. Uses hand extinguisher and firefighting appliances such as axes, pike poles and forcible entry tools.
6. Makes openings in buildings for ventilation and entrance, removes persons from hazardous situations, prevents the spread of fire and protects property from damage from water.
7. Wears a SCBA for entering hazardous atmospheres or oxygen-depleted buildings or confined spaces.
8. Safeguards life and performs rescue work at the scene of a toxic gas escape or similar hazard.
9. Uses extrication equipment to remove persons from entrapment in vehicles or machinery.
10. Drives and operates fire apparatus.
11. Attends monthly fire department meetings.
12. Performs other duties as required.

Volunteer Category: Firefighter

1. Must be accepted by the Board of Supervisors.
2. Must attend 50% drills per year
3. Must have Minnesota Fire Service Certification in the following within 2 years of appointment.
a. Firefighter I and II
4. Must attend 30% of all fire calls received per year.
5. Must possess a valid Minnesota driver’s license.
6. Must pass the following Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) Independent study courses
a. IS 700 Introduction to the National Incident Management System
b. IS 100 Introduction to Incident Command
7. Must pass the following tests as listed, the contents of which will be developed by the Fire Department administrative staff using nationally recognized standards as the guidelines:
a. Hose Proficiency, Yearly
b. SCBA Proficiency, Yearly
c. Pumping/Driving Proficiency, Yearly
8. Must complete a biennial physical examination as specified by the department.
9. Must pass a criminal background and drivers license background check on appointment.
10. Current American Heart Association Health Care Provider Certification.
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