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Illinois Vly Rural Fire Prot Dist

681 Caves Hwy
Cave Junction, OR 97523

Illinois Valley Fire District in Cave Junction is looking for members interested in becoming a Firefighter, Emergency Medical Responder or Support personnel. Our call volume in increasing and our staff numbers are at an all-time low. We once enjoyed the benefit of having more firefighters respond to a call than we had room in our trucks! That is no longer the case. When the alarm sounds, we are fortunate to have two firefighters respond from any one station and currently some stations do not have anyone to respond when an emergency occurs.
Think you're too old? Nonsense!
We have needs for individuals that can drive and learn how to operate pumps, air trailer operators (to keep the firefighters air tanks full at an incident), medical personnel to respond and take care of our own people along with serving the public. This is part of our candidate program. We also need Individuals that are experienced in fundraising etc. You see, firefighting isn't the only thing we do.

Volunteer Category: Firefighter, EMT, Fundraising, Community Education, Department Support, Other

Firefighter- pass a background check and drug test, physical agility test, a CPR/First aid class, online NIMS courses (3) and eventually our fire academy. Be able to pull two 12 hour shifts per month.
Candidate Program- This program is designed to get you in and learn some firefighting operating skills before attending the fire academy.
Student Program- Enrolled in school and complete their Firefighter I training first. Student can pursue whatever degree they desire as long as the firefighter requirements are the first priority and they pull ten 24 hour shifts.
Support - background check and drug test.