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Firefighter I

Washington County Fire Rescue

2300 Pioneer Road
Chipley, FL 32428

Essential Job Tasks and Descriptions from NFPA 1582, 2013 edition
1. Performing firefighting tasks (e.g., hose line operations, extensive crawling, lifting, carrying heavy
objects, ventilating roofs or walls using power or hand tools, and forcible entry), rescue operations and
other emergency response actions under stressful conditions while wearing personal protective ensembles
and self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), including working in extremely hot or cold environments
for prolonged time periods.
2. Wearing an SCBA, which includes a demand valve–type positive-pressure face piece or HEPA filter
masks, which requires the ability to tolerate increased respiratory workloads.
3. Exposure to toxic fumes, irritants, particulates, biological (infectious) and nonbiological hazards,
and/or heated gases, despite the use of personal protective ensembles and SCBA.
4. Climbing six or more flights of stairs while wearing fire protective ensemble weighing at least 50 lbs. or
more and carrying equipment/tools weighing an additional 20 to 40 lbs.
5. Wearing fire protective ensemble that is encapsulating and insulated, which will result in significant
fluid loss that frequently progresses to clinical dehydration and can elevate core temperature to levels
exceeding 102.2°F (39°C).
6. Searching, finding, and rescue-dragging or carrying victims ranging from newborns up to adults
weighing over 200 lbs. to safety despite hazardous conditions and low visibility.
7. Advancing water-filled 2 ½ diameter hose lines from fire apparatus to occupancy [approximately 150
ft. ], which can involve negotiating multiple flights of stairs, ladders, and other obstacles.
8. Climbing ladders, operating from heights, walking or crawling in the dark along narrow and uneven
surfaces, and operating in proximity to electrical power lines and/or other hazards.
9. Unpredictable emergency requirements for prolonged periods of extreme physical exertion without
benefit of warm-up, scheduled rest periods, meals, access to medication(s), or hydration.
10. Operating fire apparatus or other vehicles in an emergency mode with emergency lights and sirens.
11. Critical, time-sensitive, complex problem solving during physical exertion in stressful, hazardous
environments, including hot, dark, tightly enclosed spaces, that is further aggravated by fatigue, flashing
lights, sirens, and other distractions.
12. Ability to give and comprehend verbal orders while wearing personal protective ensembles and
SCBA under conditions of high background noise, poor visibility, and drenching from hose lines and/or
fixed protection systems (sprinklers), hear alarm signals, hear and locate the source of calls for assistance
from victims or other firefighters.
13. Functioning as an integral component of a team, where sudden incapacitation of a member can result
in mission failure or in risk of injury or death to civilians or other team members.

Volunteer Category: Firefighter

•You must be a United States citizen and also be eligible for employment in United States
•You must be at least 18-year old by the closing date of the recruitment period
•You must have a high school diploma or GED certificate
•You must have a good physical condition
•You must have good vision in both of your eyes
•You must have a record of clear misdemeanors and felonies
•You need to have valid driver’s license with clean driving record
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